Sunday, January 16, 2011

YouTube channels worth watching, p1: Starcraft 2 commentaries

Hey everybody! I watch a lot of YouTube videos, and I figured that I might as well throw out some of my favorite YouTube personalities. Today, I'll write about some Starcraft 2 commentators, who add (as you might have guessed) their commentaries to pro Starcraft 2 games. If you want to improve your gameplay in SC2, you should certainly take a look at these channels.

HD offers commentaries on pro-games as well as his own games on the ladder. He's a good player (Masters league Zerg on his main account and Diamond league Terran on his secondary account), and he shows games played by the best of the best. The main race he plays is Zerg, although he comments on all types of match ups, usually 1v1s.

Huskys channel is very similar to HDs, although I do prefer Husky. He comments on pro games and on his own games, just as HD does, but he posts less of his own games than HD does. Husky is funnier than HD (if you're into nerd humor), which is the reason why I prefer his channel. Huskys main race is protoss (Diamond league, I believe), and will occasionally post larger team games which are great if you like seeing epic battles.

If you guys are interested, I can post more YouTube channels that I watch as soon as later today or tomorrow, but my current plan is to post another part of "YouTube channels worth watching" every other post or so. So let me know, do you want more YouTube channels or other random content? Also, what are some of your favorite YouTube channels?


  1. I like your random stuff but you should definitely add more channels for things other than starcraft.

  2. good post, but I must agree with some guy :/

  3. I've always been an enormous day9 fan. I suggest him above all. however I have not looked @ the others.

    following <3

  4. Starcraft is awesome, loving your blog bro ;D

  5. ya man i always love checking out these videos, starcraft is such a win game

  6. I love starcraft 2.

    If anyone wants a more humorous commentary of blizzard products, check out

    This isn't my channel, I don't even know him personally, I just find him very entertaining.

  7. thanks man
    was looking for something like this

  8. i love communitychannel!
    Anyways, cool blog, I'll follow and support! :)

  9. Watch day9tv on youtube if you REALLY want to improve your game. Day9 is also hilarious.

  10. Starcraft is a great game, but I haven't played 2 yet :(

  11. thanks for the comment. following you. give those channels a check but not normally a big youtube fan

  12. I love Starcraft, got too watch a couple of pro's play at Blizzards WWI in 2008.

  13. Haven't played starcraft 2 yet, but from what I've heard and these videos, it looks pretty awesome.

    Cool blog, by the way, looking forward to future posts. Follow'd:

  14. dang i've been seeing so many posts about sc2 lol, but some of my favourite youtube guys are:
    Ray William Johnson,
    Mystery Guitar Man,
    and Julian smith

    annnd if anyone's interested, here's my blog; just random posts about things i find interesting :)